dana is LOLing at frank

LOLing because he knows he was right to give frank the cold shoulder, and because showtime paid him a zillion dollars to get smoked by 40 year old, flabby renzo gracie (no disrespect- i love renzo) before DQing himself.

Laughing out louding?

Yup, Frank is a hack. He was getting tooled by an over the hill Renzo until he went old school on him.

So, "Going Old School" is cheating?

I agree with the orginal post,I'm sure Dana is grinning like a crocodile- "You want to get paid HOW much Frank? HaHaHaHaHa, good one! I'll pass, chortle."

But hey, you have to respect Frank's wise business strategy, talk shit and demand more than you're worth for more than 5 years until you've lost the respect of most people, get a big paycheck finally- fighting an older, pretty much retired fighter, cheat intentionally, get dq'd, play innocent,look like an ass, again, and kill any enthusiasm anyone might have had in supporting your 'comeback', and becoming somewhat of a pariah now. Well done, bravo!


mr nemo is correct

and yes, i am a dana white nuthugger- he's my favorite guy in the sport!

I hate Dana and think he is one of the biggest douches in the sport but I whole heartedly agree with this thread.


You're my boy, Renzo...

He wasn't getting tooled. Renzo got the takedown and didn't do shit with it.

Renzo "didn't do shit with it? He passed the guard, had positional dominance and was working to set up subs, and it was stood up! It's one thing to stand up a fighter if he is laying in someone's guard not doing shit, it's another to stand them up when one fighter is in a dominant position. And as I stated in another thread, Renzo could have easily kneed Frank in the head from side control but fought within the rules.

renzo was advancing position at will. just because he didn't instantly tap frank doesn't mean he wasn't winning.

i know that if i was frank, and i performed like that, the first words out of my mouth would have been, "i apologize to all the fans for the fight ending this way. for whatever it's worth, though, renzo was kicking my ass anyway."