Dana just announced a spin to UFC 115...

did tito's wife ever make a 3d movie.....

sherlock holmes was better than avatar anyway

ranier wolfcastle -  ppv price $75

Plus $10.00 for the glasses. Also, I hear Dana is researching technology where you need different glasses for each 3D event.

 3D doesn't work over regular television. Sony has a 3D capable TV in the works, but it is really expensive right now.

Timmy B - 
Danlosdi - 
Timmy B - 
Danlosdi - 
Timmy B - Are you joking? In 3D? That is stupid.

I saw Avatar in 3D and it was annoying. Things get blurry.

you gotta put the glasses on... moran

I did. The characters that it focuses on pops out and gives a great sense of depth perception. The rest of the screen is more blurry. There was a scene during Avatar that had a bunch of computers and they all had some fuzzy to them.

The technology is not perfect in the theater. From what I have heard, it is even worse in a home theater setting.

your sarcasm meter must be broke

When you call somebody a moran, that is not called sarcasm. Might want to figure it out first.


He mis-spelled "moron" on purpose to imply the sarcasm, obviously it flew over your head.

Avatar was awesome in 3D, UFC 115 probably not so much

sorry to burst your bubble but it really is spelled "moran" if you're a Moron.

mjm345 - Ring girls in 3D!!!


A couple of things... There are 3D Ready TV's out right now and they do use glasses. Even watched a demo on a Mitsubishi TV and while the 3D thing was kind of cool it does get annoying quite fast and hurt your eyes a bit. Certainly not as good as the 3D in the theater.

The other thing is that there is indeed 3D tech. in the works that will not involve 3D glasses, however that is a long way out before anything like that is remotely affordable for the mainstream.

Finally if Dana were to try the 3D thing I would rather see him do it right and do a Mega UFC event at the end of the year or something with All Title's on the line and nothing but blockbuster big name fights. Then get together with IMAX to do a special IMAX Live 3D UFC night to ring in the new year. That would be alot of fun. About as close to the live event as you could get. I know I would be willing to shell out the full PPV price to watch that in IMAX.

this will only work if the fighters are equipped with cameras so that you can switch to Super Punch Out POV and pretend to be in the cage.