Dana loses bet with Chuck Liddell -Video

Dana White will personally fly yo Hollywood to pay Chuck for the bet tonight!

 haha That was great

 Thanks Reed! 

I don't know much about dancing with the stars, but Chuck doesn't seem like a 'great dancer' type.

I guess time will tell.

Chuck was sweaty. I think he cut water. Thats cheating.

He looked dehydrated. I bet he cut at least 12 pounds of water for that weigh in!

 Hes been dancing his ass off.....watch tonight....I think he will surprise us all...and then vote for him....


Yeah I'll vote for Chuck no matter how good or bad he does.

I think it's great that an MMA fighter is on one of the biggest tv shows.

"Fu*k'em Up Chuck!"

I just found out about his toenail painting recently, and it's weird re-watching his fights on Unleased and seeing him with painted toenails..LOL!


Don't want any trouble so I'll be vague, but I don't see any evidence of the 'Liddell gut' displayed prominently during his UFC career. 


Good job, Chuck. Lots of luck for the future!

ttt for later

All I saw in the video was a grown ass man with pink toe nails.....pfft....


Thats funny. chuck was saying he had a bet w Dana last week. Ill see him tonight and toss up some pics for the UG tomorrow.

I'll bet you can't find a way for Direct TV subscribers to watch WEC by October 10. We will pay for it. Is there nothing that can be done?