Dana: Magomed doesn't deserve a title fight

UFC CEO Dana White spoke about the title chances of Russian light heavyweight Magomed Ankalaev in the promotion. According to the American functionary, Ankalaev does not deserve a championship fight.

“Listen, he’s had some tough fights over the last year. I would say unconvincing. We made the best decision to put him back together with Walker. If Magomed confidently defeats Johnny, spectacularly, dominantly, then there will be in further talk about his championship ambitions. He’s not showing championship-caliber fights at the moment,” White said at the UFC press conference.

He beat Jan 1 4 5 imo

His fight with Walker was unfortunate. I picked him to win and he was winning before the illegal knee

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You have to beat Denis Siver or lose to Nate Diaz via sub to really prove you got what it takes to get a title shot in the UFC.

If you can’t do that then you need to not have a win in four years like Stipe, then and only then will Dana think you deserve a title shot in the UFC.


Or maybe you need to pop for EPO and then win a split decision and have a fucked up shoulder… that can also earn you a title shot over the active winning fighters not popping for EPO.


Gotta sting to be the other guy when Dana talks like that.

“I’m not convinced he’s that good, so we’ll see if he dominates this bum as badly as he should. The bum so much as makes a fight out of it? No title shot”.

How motivating, to be Johnny Walker working for Dana lol. The only expectation is for him to get hurt “spectacularly” for the other guy to prove he’s worth a damn.

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They don’t want the whole roster to be dominated by eastern euro’s. especially guys like Ankalaev who have no fans

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The guy has got at least 3,182,054 fans according to 2021census

Dana is correct

Fuck that cheating Dagi cunt

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Magomed fucked up in his post Jan fight interview. He’s been on the shit list since.

Ankalaev is in the same spot as Gane. Keep those goofballs as far away from a belt as possible. To warrant another shot for this guy he has to beat Walker, the Jan/Rakic winner, a prospect making their UFC debut, and Ion Cutelaba again.

Dana speaking facts

Boring cunt. Cut him. Let him go be bellator champ with his other cheating mate



Oh also @Spagoogi congrats on buying the UG,
Lol, do u know much about this Aussie company Alta

Hasn’t had a win in two fights now, surly the Cunt has to beat another 4 ppl in a row to even warrant a sniff at the title

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Haha I’m gonna making some big changes around here. Nah but honestly i’ve never even heard of Alta until this happened. No idea what they’re about.

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It’s only fair. He should have to fight Jan again at least, after Walker if he wants a shot.


Maybe he needs to lose to real contenders like Maia and Thompson and then beat Diaz for a gimmick belt like Masvidal and then he can get a title shot and lose all five rounds and then get another title shot and get KOed like Masvidal.

Since the start of 2020, Ankalaev is 6-0-1-1nc and he have been 7-0 and then had the belt and a different fight instead of Walker.

In that same time Stipe is 1-1 and “deserves” a title shot coming off a loss that was almost 2 1/2 years ago now.

Losing to Nate Diaz or beating Nate Diaz for Cracker Jack fake belts, popping for EPO and going four years without wins in the UFC…this is the path to the UFC title shots more and more over the past decade.

Too bad Ankalaev did not go 3-2 over six years or he could have got a title shot like Pena. That foolish guy went 14-1 over six years to get his title shot, should have been smart and popped for EPO and just gone 3-2 instead.


Zero personality too that I can remember. How come basically all but especially bigger Russian fighters are so bland? Sure language is one issue, but many other foreign fighters have personalities and opinions.

Rules are rules