Dana meeting Floyd: HOOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIIT! WTF is goin on

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What is this, touch? Are you trying to tell us that Dana has signed Roman Mazurov to a deal to call the action in the octagon, I hope so.

BLAF needs to sign Russian Michael Buffer to be ring announcer while he is at it, can’t remember his name.

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Nah its just that every time I hear WTF is goin on or WTH is goin on I immediately remember this gem

Russian Buffer is Aleksandr Zagorsky

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Zagorsky… thank you, I always forget his name for some reason.

Thats sakakibara with them too no? I imagine its something to do with the logan paul fight which us taking place in japan correct?

That’s not 50 cents?

Petr Yan used
Dana White
taking a picture with former PRIDE boss Nobuyuki Sakakibara (and
Floyd Mayweather
) as an opportunity to ask for a ruleset change in a potential rematch with
Aljamain “Funk Master” Sterling

Lmao yeah he doesn’t quite “get it”