Dana on Japan: 'They're all crooked'

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                                Dana on Japan: 'They're all crooked'

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Dana White Targets Cro Cop vs Dos Santos

"I hope so," White said when asked whether Cro Cop was returning to the UFC fold. "Like I said at that press conference in Germany, he and I had a deal; I think he's going to honor the deal."

White pointed blame for the snafu in the direction of Japanese promoters.

"I've said this many times, and I'll say it again: there's some crooked (expletive) that goes on in Japan," he said. "They're all crooked; there's some sneaky (expletive) going on over there. That's always a big problem. These guys that are in the fight business over there, for my Mexican friends, 'no bueno.'"

However, White declined to call the fight a done deal.

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 The mafia has never approved of yakuza tactics.

UG News takes a lot of things out of context.

I wonder if UG News is really my girlfriend...hmmmmm.....

Fuck Japan! Dos Santos vs. Cro Cop better happen

Squared Circle -  The mafia has never approved of yakuza tactics.


David_White -  If Dana White says the Japs are crooked then you can bet that they are.

take 1 to know 1

Squared Circle -  The mafia has never approved of yakuza tactics.



By the way, if you read that article about the crooked Japanese, you owe Zuffa, Inc. $100,000.