Dana on Radio 610 in Houston

Anyone from Houston, check it out! At the moment he is just being interviewed about the history of the sport and about Royce and Hughes...Ill let you guys know if he says anything ineteresting....

Dana just said that the next episode of the Ultimate Fighter is one of the best episodes ever...

he also said Yves Edwards is in their plans to be back although he lost to Hominick...

He mentioned that perhaps an Ultimate Fight Night event will be coming to Houston by this year..he said it was in the works but don't know how much truth there is to that statement..

ttt. what side of town do you stay on isai?

I stay in Houston! Near Downtown...Southeast Area!

Yea, but where. Alief in the house over here.

Just edited my post...sorry!

Do you train at all?

No I don't train...I have thought about it but I don't have the time...I had a friend who used to train at Elite Martial Arts and showed me some minor techniques but other then that I have never done any training.