Dana or UFC people : What day is UFC 200?!

According to my bookie, it will be on Tuesday. Phone Post 3.0

Fuckin 5am Tuesday cards. Phone Post 3.0

It's Saturday, July 9th.

Who you going to believe OP?

The majority or the one?

saucylv33 - It's Saturday, July 9th.
Nah that aint it Phone Post 3.0

UFC goin up on a Tuesday! Phone Post 3.0

"UFC President Dana White kicked off the UFC Fan Expo in a big way Friday afternoon, as he announced that the landmark UFC 200 event will take place in the soon-to-be opened Las Vegas Arena on Tuesday, July 5th 2016. Expected to be the biggest event in company history since their last event that was also billed as such, UFC 200 will be the cornerstone of the UFC's next International Fight Week, and the week of festivities will also include the always popular UFC Fan Expo, and possibly new dolls. Stay tuned to UFC.com for all the details on UFC 200 and the 2016 edition of International Fight Week." Phone Post 3.0