Dana reacts to Tito pulling out of Bellator PPV

Could be that Dana was referring to Bellator's karma and not Tito's. I actually think this is the case with his original tweet Phone Post

Is Dana bashing worse than fighter bashing ? Phone Post

Dana is hilarious.

lol @ goofy looking clown

Danas should be banned on this forum. Mocking an injured fighter

Fuck u goof Phone Post 3.0

DFW gives no fucks. And I thought at first he was talking about the Eddie Alvarez fiasco. Did they explain that? Does this now prove the Bellator is unable to match the UFC's offer to sign Eddie? Phone Post 3.0

Dana is great!

time traveling 12er - Considering Tito went on tv just yesterday specifically to shit on Dana, It's hard to say it isn't warranted.




super nintendo -
Phil999 - Wow Dana is worse than Ronda when he gets emotional. It's like he is a spoiled child.
He's not emotional he's having fun lol Phone Post 3.0
Exactly, 3-D Mario. Phone Post 3.0

Delorian - 

LMAO @ "go follow One Direction". 

Classic MacDana.

That one had me laughing too. What an insult. I love it.

sgotwalks - 

Dana is great!


So it wasn't a cracked skull? Phone Post 3.0

Dana is so fucking funny I could watch or listen to that dude all day. The fact that he gets into it with these random nobodies on Twitter after all he has accomplished and all the money he's made shows how he still is just Dana. The hilarious thing is the stuff he says and makes fun of people's appearance and shit, the guy is a character, man I'll tell you people can say what they will about him but I think he's one of the best things about mma. Phone Post

Dana is hilarious on Twitter!! Phone Post 3.0

Karma is a two way street Mr. White.

I love reading Dana's bashing of Twitter retards.

I wouldn't ever want Dana to change. It's refreshing to see a CEO of a major business speaking their mind, instead of the recycled, politically correct garbage we hear from everyone else.

Plus, his candidness drives exposure. That Gary whoever dude that works for Zuffa did a scrum the other day for UFN 30...the video was posted here and got like two views, lol. People want to hear Dana, because he speaks him mind.

For a man supposedly hella busy he sure spends a lot of time saying 15 year old insults on Twitter. smh

ChaosOverkill - 

For a man supposedly hella busy he sure spends a lot of time saying 15 year old insults on Twitter. smh

I think his busy-ness bolsters his twitter presence if anything. Lots of time sitting around in the airplane or the back of the car running from place to place.