Dana Reveals the Two Fighters Who “Tried to Destroy the Company” During the Early Days

It’s no secret that Dana White has made some enemies over the years. The boss isn’t afraid to be cut-throat when he feels the need to do so and in equal measure, he’s had plenty of fighters speak out against him in the past. Regardless of who you believe, White has certainly stuck to his guns on several occasions – for better or worse.
In the modern age, his feuds don’t tend to be as bitter as they once were. With that being said, he certainly hasn’t forgotten about old wounds from days gone by.

In a recent interview, Dana named two legendary figures who he hated working with.

White lashes out at veterans

“At such a critical time in the sport’s development, there are probably two guys that absolutely tried to destroy the company,” White said. “Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture. 100 percent. Two of the worst guys to ever f***ing deal with.”

Quotes via MMA News

Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture, respectively, have done some incredible things in mixed martial arts. They are former champions, they’ve had some iconic fights, and their legacies will likely stand the test of time.

On the flip side, it doesn’t feel as if White has any real interest in working with either of them again – but in a business like this, you should never say never

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He says this because they do what he does.

In Dana’s egg brain it makes perfect sense to lowball fighters, talk about UFC being the big show, you need us, so take it or leave it.

But GOD FORBID if a lowly fighter has the nerve to present the same case…say I’m the main event attraction, you need me, this is what I’m worth, pay me or I’m out, so take it or leave it.

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I guess who is “the worst guys to ever fucking deal with” depends on which chair you sit in.

Suck it Egg man.



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Tito put MMA on the map in the USA during those early ufc days


He was. He was the biggest name in USA MMA for a long while. I wonder if he played his cards differently if Tito couldve turned it into some percentage ownership of the UFC in those early days.


No mention of frank shamrock, that’s surprising.


How did I know he was going to say Couture and Ortiz?!?

They both tried to fight for fighters rights at the most critical time of the sport"s development. These bad guys.

I agree on Tito. It was obvious he ducked Chuck for as long as he could and he was still one of the highest paid fighters in the UFC.

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Exhibit #464536246245623452345 as to why Dana has always been a long-term liability of the UFC.

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Well not to Zuffa or WME. And to me as a fan of mma, we are getting events nearly every single week.

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The quality of which is questionable at best, for the most part.

MMA should be in colleges and the Olympics by now. Instead we’re in a post-Affliction malaise straddling the line between sport and pro-wrasslin.


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In other words, two guys they loved and were their absolut marquee fighters UNTIL they stopped eating shit and tried to be their own bosses. Now they’re pieces of shit.


People really believe it was Chuck but it really was Tito. His big retarded mouth sold the first million PPV

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Don’t understand Tito gets trashed but no one says anything about Randy. He wasn’t the perfect fighter either.

Randy was good at being the everyman nice guy. Dana doesn’t like him for trying to get out of his contract to fight Fedor.

This is why the UFC like a deep roster that they can use to undercut all but a small percentage of stars.