Dana run it back one more time.

Frankie should clearly be the champ we all know this, run it back one more time !!! Phone Post

I'd rather be stabbed, repeatedly.

Dana knows Frankie won that fight. That's why he doesn't want to say it out loud, he can't give Frankie another shot.

 i would pay to watch a third fight.  I am interested in seeing Diaz vs henderson so it would be a win either way


With the winner fighting Maynard. Phone Post

No more rematches Edgar can fight his way back. If he wanted to be the man he should have beat the man. Phone Post

I am so sick of Edgar rematches. It was a close fight with lots of close rounds. If Frankie wants to be mad be mad at himself for not pressing the action and just trying to do enough to barely win a round. Phone Post

Lowest gate since 2007, yep let's do it again! The fans need it!

hmb - I'd rather be stabbed, repeatedly.

And castrated. Phone Post

Let again Edgar beat up somebody like Lauzon on a free card