Dana said "...46% of our demographic are females"

Like 46% of our demographic are humans who are primarily attracted to men, sometimes called females or whatever

In the same way wives bring their husband a beer on NFL game days.

Dana says a lot of things. Phone Post 3.0

Sure. Whatever makes DW happy. Phone Post 3.0

40% of the fans in my household are fans...but then My brother, dad and I kind of make my gf and mom watch sooo Phone Post 3.0

Fucking lol

It means the UG is filled with Alpha's. Forcing the 'ol ladies to watch the events and smile while doing it! Little fact for you. That's also why the time in between rounds is 1 minute. It's the exact amount of time the average house wife takes to make a sammich and grab a beer.

rockafella - Less then 10% of the UFC's fans are "hardcore" fans. From there most of their viewing audience consumes the product in a group setting. These settings are usually close to a 50% split so this actually makes sense.

Just another reason to prove the fact the hardcores really do not matter anywhere near as much as they think they do.
Surely there's a difference between viewing audience and demographic?
Also whenever I've been at any sort of party for a sports event whether it be mma, soccer, rugby the women generally will be in the kitchen/out the garden rather than actually watching the event, I know 2 women who have a vague interest in mma mainly because of their partners. No way it can be 46% Phone Post 3.0

My wife is a serious fan, and will remain so even if GSP retires. She represents between 25%-33% of our typical UFC PPV group.

Almost all of my girlfriends have become fans after watching with me. I that's alot of it (I got alot of ex girlfriends! )


But I think alot of female viewers come to it that way. I took one to the UFC in broomfield (the famous Nate diaz double finger triangle) and she went from liking it to loving it. Doubt she buys ppvs but sure she watches free fights still.
side note... we had 6th row seats. You can clearly see us about 20 times in the broadcast, right behind buffer. Always kind of cool when one if those fights gets replayed. At that same event I saw a guy with a "that's street" t shirt, didn't get a chance to meet that UGer Phone Post 3.0

makes sense, I'm always surprised how many non trashy looking women are in the arena at events Phone Post 3.0

I find that hard to believe, unless GSP is fighting.

Did he explain where this number came from?

jmont - makes sense, I'm always surprised how many non trashy looking women are in the arena at events Phone Post 3.0
Most of them are working girls trying to get that Anderson Silva money by either meeting fighters or servicing sloppy UFC fans. They aren't really fans. Phone Post 3.0

Gullivers Travels - Did he explain where this number came from?
No but he seemed to have a smirk when saying it... Phone Post 3.0

The media seemed a bit incredulous. "Did you say 46%?!" To which Dana reiterated the figure. I'm assuming arithmetic is not Dana's strong suit. Phone Post 3.0

I seriously doubt that large groups of women get together to rent the fights. I bet there is not even 46% women at an event. Phone Post 3.0

MagSlim - Is that why they keep playing the Nu-Metal?

It's for the ladies?

Broads dig Limp Bizkit.