dana says gsp isnt mentally strong

in a recent interview dana white stated that while gsp is 100% physically on top?

he mentally isnt a champ!

"he was very nervous before the serra fight and didnt seem confident."

he's prob right

He probably wasn't confident because he barely trained for the fight. That actually goes right along with what GSP said: he barely trained and right before the fight he regretted it and became very nervous, because he realized that while he was out clubbing Serra was busting his ass.

where is the love?

so if he didnt train and take serra serious?

who the fuks fault is thattt!?

From what I have heard GSP gets super nervous before every fight. Even at grappling tournaments he gets real nervous. But hey, the guy performs so the nerves don't mean anything.

GSP is about to go on another ruthless winning streak, words will be eaten...

"who the fuks fault is thattt!?"

Dana's and Silvas for rushing him back from an injury for their shit card. For assuming his knee would be 100% by the date they scheduled, not allowing him enough time for a proper training camp. St Pierre was fucked over. Why didn't they rush boring ass SHerk back from a shoulder injury. Quite fuckin bullshit.

but since we have Whites opinion, lets take a look at Greg Jackson opinion on the subject.


"I don't think that means Georges St. Pierre is weak. Every fighter gets nervous, every fighter gets a little antsy. But when you get that kind of pressure on you, it can be tough to deal with.

"I think now he's done it. So the next fight there's big pressure on him, (he can say) `You know what, I've been here. It's not a big deal the second time.'

"With Georges, he's one of those guys that once he's there and he figures it out, you're not going to stop him. So I think he was there that night just figuring it out and now you're not going to stop him."

"It's an important difference to want to win' instead of beingsupposed to' win. Once you start saying to yourself Oh I'm supposed to win this fight, I'm supposed to walk through this fight,' that can really get you on edge, You need always to come at itI want to win.'

"I think he's going to have that from now on."

"Georges St. Pierre is such an amazing athlete and an amazing person," Jackson said. "To watch him grow is one of the great pleasures of my coaching career. He's incredibly humble and really coachable. That isn't always true on that level. Once you get to be a guy like Georges St. Pierre, you don't have to listen to other people tell you what they think needs to change, what they think you can improve on."

"Georges St. Pierre is one of those guys that's really receptive to those lessons and that's what makes him so tough. He's a great athlete, he's an amazing fighter but he's as intelligent as all get out, He sees things, he learns from them, then he moves on. I think that's one of the things that's going to make his career so long."

Diego's trainer is now training the competition? Weird.

I read that Jackson doesn't get paid from any of the fighters he trains (he runs a business for average joes paying membership fees)

he's probably right

but then again he probably shouldn't be saying that

but he is blaf?

"If GSP took Serra lightly he wouldn't have been nervous."

He took him lightly in preparartion to the fight, combined with getting over an injury and shortened camp. Fllowing so far? As the fight approaches, it hits him that he isn't prepared the way he should be. He panics, nerves getting the best of him. very simple.

GSP always gets nervous before comepetitions, so who knows how that affected the outcome this time around? Pointless to debate IMO.

And what a dumb thing to say by Dana White! Why, he's shown great mental toughnes himself with all the times he's frustrated out of his mind when people dont do exactly what he wants them to do?

GSP got beat by the better fighter that day. Period.

The last thing I would say if I lost is that I didn't train. In the country that I come from that translates into - "I'm an Idiot!"

GSP is a great fighter and will come back. He certainly isn't unbeatable and Matt Serra proved that.

Do the GSP fans realize what they're saying? You guys are doing EXACTLY what you'd absolutely LOATHE a Hughes or BJ (or any GSP rival) fan for doing...trying to find some reason why the unbeatable GSP got spanked.

The fact is, every fighter has personal & physical issues to deal with. Once the cage is closed all that shit is over with. You either perform or you don't. GSP, this time, didn't. Learn to deal with it. No man is unbeatable. Two guys at the skill level of GSP, Serra, Hughes, BJ, etc. can either one win a fight between the two.

My opinion is that belt weighs a little more than GSP expected. We'll see if Serra can hold on to it now.

IMO, having mental toughness is a pre-requesite before becoming a pro fighter. Dana needs to just sign the checks and shut the fuck up.

GSP's next fight is going to speak volumes about how much heart he truly has.

Lemme guess...he'll show us why he's the future of the 170 pound division?

Can't wait.

blaf is most likely correct.

You guys act as if GSP is the only athlete in the history to have ever taken an opponent lightly and lost.

There are plently of great champions who have done it and come back better than ever.