Dana says he has a surprise for illegal streamers

Haha… So good.

“We are so good at that”

Lol c’mon Dana.

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Fucken egg lol

Id buy UFC PPVs if they cost 20$ canadian.
They cost closer to 80$ for HD.
I cant justify that 20 times a year.
It shouldnt cost a fan 1600$ to follow a sport on TV, for a year, in 2021.

Eat a dick dana


i watch every fight in full on you tube the next day

The stream quality has done nothing but improve since Blandon Schlub spilled the beans about reddit streams.

Meanwhile, the real streams suck worse than ever.


Can you DM a link?

just go on youtube and type in the fight u want Its mostly highlites but there also full fight

Yeah, Like I like seeing this fucking ad ran at me 100 times.

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Charge 20$ and i will buy every one.
Charge fucking 80$ canadian and eat 3 dicks im streaming.

You have to charge what your product is worth


Ok, but at that price point will they do 4 times the business to make up for it? That’s also 4x’s the cost of broadcasting it as they have to pay for the bandwidth and give espn a cut.

The whales who buy everything have to be pissed off for anything to change and they love the current UFC product. Same thing is going on with Nintendo. They’re nickel and dining their fans left and right, but there’s enough loyal nerds who buy it all up every time that they can keep doing bullshit.

No they probably wont.
Im sure they have all the calculations, as far as how to extract max profit.

I am just saying what its worth to me as a consumer, in my pay bracket.

I stopped watching NBA games due to 9 minute youtube vids, where they just show you every basket and none of the bullshit.

If streaming becomes a hassle i will consume UFC in the same manner