Dana Says Lawler-Hendricks Trilogy. Thoughts?

You guys want this?

Or should we feed Rory back to Robbie?

Thoughts? Phone Post 3.0

Please no. Rory needs to fight for the belt first.

Robbie beat up Rory. I think - given the closeness and controversy, Hendricks makes more sense.

I'm not as interested in the trilogy right now. Hendricks should prove he has the ability to stay hungry through an entire fight or catch some more highlights. If he can't be bothered to fight all 5 rounds I have a hard time working up excitement to watch him fight again. Phone Post 3.0

Makes sense. Very contentious decision, first two fights were very good. 

That being said, after thinking on it for awhile, I think Hendricks should take a couple other fights the way Lawler did. I know the first fight was not controversial like this one, but I just think it makes more sense. Especially since this was only Hendricks' first title defense (sort of).

Where did Dana say this? Is it confirmed? Phone Post 3.0

God no. We all know these two can go back and forth no matter how many fights you do so an immediate trilogy is pointless.

Kelvin Gastelum fan - Beating Tarec shouldn't give you a title shot. This will force Rory vs Lombard. I'm for a 3rd fight based on that alone.
He was the final strikeforce champion. That means something seeing that both title fights tonight also featured former strikeforce champions.

Saffedine is legit. Phone Post 3.0

To be honest, this would be the PERFECT time to bring in Askren.

No clear other contender other than rematches.


I don't know why this is necessary right now.

Let Rory fight, have Johnny fight once or twice in between his next shot and have some buildup.

If they fight again next it would have been Robbie as three straight fights for Johnny. Let's see something else.

I like chicken but can't eat chicken every meal. Variety please. Phone Post 3.0

Please no, someone else needs to be given a shot at the title. A 3rd fight could happen one day but not right away.

NO Phone Post 3.0

It all depends on what kind of TV deal Zuffa finalizes in Canada.

Rory will take the belt from Robbie so it'll shake up the division nicely.

I say if Matt Brown victimizes Tarec, then Brown-Lawler 2 for the strap. That was a tough close fight in July. Hendricks Vs Condit for the #1 contender. Condit should be good by March, right? Phone Post 3.0

Seems like a boys club with the top 4 spots playing a rotating game of grab ass with the top 4 spots. Meanwhile they have to bring in a guy from another org to fight Hector Lombard. Fuck Hendricks v Lawler 3, Lawler had to fight 2 times before he got another shot. Hendricks has only fought Lawler for a vacated title and then lost the rematch. Hendricks doesn't have the title defences to make an instant rematch appealing to me.

Brabatross - Please no. Rory needs to fight for the belt first.
This. We dont need this fight again. Yet anyways. Let hendricks earn another shot like lawler had to Phone Post 3.0

Lawler vs Lombard IMO

Please no trilogy, not until Hendricks has atleast 2 fights with others Phone Post 3.0

Rory vs. Askren or CM Punk.

Hendricks is 1-2 in his last 3 fights. Back to the drawing board. He never defended his title once. WW has plenty of talent we don't need to clog it up