Dana says Shavkat versus Belal next


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Colby is about to get his 4th title fight for going 12-3 in the UFC while Belal gets Shavkat after he went 13-3 in the UFC with no title fights and has gone 2-0 since Colby last fought.

Just the way it goes with the UFC.


^ They both fight like Clay Guida.with marginally better striking. They had to turn heel to get anyone to give a shit


Belal has gotten shafted. No question.


I figured Belal’s nickname “Remember the Name” would have been enough to get the fans behind him. Weird, its not working…


Belel has nobody to blame but his terribly boring style



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Colby and usman have the same style! They’re all fuking wrestlers


Shavkat will murder him.


I thought he looked like the future of the division until his last fight. His defense was absolute dogshit.


Belal is a hell of a challenge, can’t deny that even tho I don’t care for his fights much.

Pace, wrestling, cardio…I don’t think he has the hands to keep Shavkat off him tho. Shavkat wades through anything Belal throws and tries to bully him.


Prob the right fight to make. Sucks that Colby is getting another shot after not doing much but business is business.

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Jorge is a better win than Wonderboy and Vicente Luque I guess

His style is dull and his personality sucks.

He tries way to hard with his “persona”. He can’t decide if he is a babyface or a heel. He doesn’t effectively promote himself, and that hurts him.

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Im sorry but Belal has no big win and was losing to Leon and is boring af lol

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You say he has no big wins and I think you mean he has not beat a “star” like Conor/Diaz/Jones/Ronda and you would be right about that. He does have big wins though in the sense he beat Maia, Thompson, Luque and Brady in his last four fights. In terms of comp and not star power, those are big wins.

Some fans on here were saying Makhachev didn’t have big wins and was boring before he got his title shot as well. Come to think of it, they said the same thing about Edwards.

I just hate the trend of how fighters like TJ, Stipe, Gaethje, Colby, Pena, Masvidal etc… are getting some of these title shots even if I know that is how it goes in prizefighting, its not like the worlds in wrestling where you have to qualify and then make it through the tournament to be champ. The UFC as the promoters absolutely tilt the table in favor of certain fighters and thats the aspect of MMA that is not so great to see.

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He got tagged a lot but I can’t think of someone with sharper hands in that division than Neal.

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He doesn’t have a win over a top 5. Maia and Wonderboy are about 50, Luque is a good win. Brady we don’t really know too much about as he’s newer.

Part of getting that title shot seems to be sales. Think from a business stand point, do you want a superstar whos a world champ? Or some boring guy with no mic skills? Look at all the Champs we remember, BJ Penn, Aldo, Anderson, Bones, GSP, Conor etc. They either smashed OR had the personality we can get behind. Belal has none. He has no mic skills and he wall and stalls. I listened to him on JRE and he was great, I hope he gets his personality to shine a bit more.

Colby he has more instagram followers and does more views than Leon who is the ONLY UK champ at this time. And its not like Colby isn’t great. He’s 1-2 in title fights and he pretty much beats everyone not named Usman (who he was a round away from being champ). He’s probably the best bet for PPV sales, eyes on the sport and actual win dominance. Hell, look what he did to Masvidal standing, homie ate so many shots.


Personally, I would have liked to see Burns if he beat Masvidal, but Im not too upset with either Colby, Burns or Belal getting the next shot

dana hates Belal