Dana says UFC Fighters do not want the media or fans to know how much money they make

One thing I want to add to that…whether we’re talking other pro sports, or “regular” jobs, there’s always a “work hard for next to nothing” phase of the job. If we’re talking athletes, they play for free in college, and many D1 college athletes work harder than many of these entry level UFC fighters. By harder I mean in terms of time spent training, improving their skills etc…

If we’re talking regular jobs, many require unpaid internships, shitty entry level pay etc.

Look at this next DWCS event. Main event appears to be Cortez vs Rodriguez. One guy is 5-1, one guy is 5-0. I see a 3-1 record, 4-1 record, another 5-0…seems 5 fights is about normal for DWCS fights. So a guy wins there and gets into the UFC and should be immediately set? Nah, I think in those first few fights they’re trying to figure out if you’re going to be a UFC fighter. Their second contract should be much better, but I have no issue with the 12/12.

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One thing I will say though is that the reebok deal really fucked athletes and for no reason. Giving fighters the ability to sell advertising on tv is a win-win that costs UFC nothing (actually makes them money from sponsorship tax)… in negotiation we would call this a value add and it would be a way of increasing compensation without costing the UFC anything… and it was great when UFC did allow that.

Taking that away was really sleazy.

See Ricco Rodriguez story…