dana should fight toney mma

 for disrespecting him...not once..but TWICE....

this would be 1mil + ppv easily

that would be some serious vince mcmahon shit right there.


 dana is a bjj brown belt and wrestled at boston college and actually pinned an all american wrestler...he has legit grappling skills

yeah, im betting that's a real meaningful brown belt too

Toney not backing down from Dana haha.

PC: Dana White recently said he was dying to put a boxer in the Octagon because they wouldn't stand a chance. Is that something you would seriously do?

JT: Aw shit, tell Dana White he can suck my dick. That's why he calls out them bum ass fighters. He called out Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather, but they ain't calling James Toney out because they don't want to see me. They have the same excuse that I am old, fat and short. Well, come and see me then because it should be easy for them.

PC: Are you talking boxing rules or MMA rules as well? Ring or the cage?

JT: It don't matter man. Everybody thinks that I couldn't fight in a cage. I got one of the baddest motherfuckers in the world in my corner, man. "Pops" is one of the original cage fighting masters when he was fighting over there in Indonesia and won. I know all of the shit that they think I don't know. Dana White is a frustrated fighter because he used to be a boxer back in Boston and was getting knocked out every week, so he had to quit.


Tony should take on Dana and Tito at the same time