Dana shoulda hired Bill Clinton

...to do his negotiations. Fedor would be in the UFC already. Vadim is no Kim Jong Il and certainly no match for the Slickster!

frontrowbrian -  The reason he went was those reporters who were imprisoned were there working for Al Gore's television station. Yes, Algore (not a misspelling) has a tv station.

I thought he invented TV Stations...

 Great idea.

Get one pathological liar to represent another other one.

I like your cynical sense of humor.

Clinton is the man. He has so much international political capital as well, loved around the world.

frontrowbrian -  i looked it up... Algore's tv station is called Current TV .. and it's an internet tv station. I was giving him too much credit before. I thought it was an actual tv station.

It is real, I get it with Comcast.

 Al also invented the internet.

 To teach him how to behave like a civilized human being and still pull tail? I agree.

If there is no semi-hottie female in the balance, Bill will not show.

If there is, he will succeed 100% of the time.