Dana: The UFC is coming to Oklahoma

Fri June 27, 2008

Are you ready for the UFC?

The UFC is coming to OKC.

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White indicated that the mixed martial arts league will be bringing one of its major events to Oklahoma City sometime in the next six or eight months.

"We're working on bringing a live event there,” White said.

He spoke Thursday morning at the Associated Press Sports Editors' convention in Minneapolis.

The event in Oklahoma City could be on Spike TV or pay-per-view.

No doubt the UFC took notice of the market after the debut of primetime mixed martial arts on network television. CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights was the top-rated sports event in the Oklahoma City market during the first week of June.

The market also produced the highest rating for all CBS affiliates in the 10:30 to 10:45 p.m. time slot. Oklahoma City drew an 11.1 share during that time for the main bout, Kimbo Slice's victory against James Thompson.

The Ford Center would likely be the venue for the UFC event. UFC 87 is set for early August at the Target Center in Minneapolis, a 20,500-seat arena, while UFC 88 will be in early September at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, an 18,729-seat venue.

The Ford Center's capacity is 19,599.


This would be great...only a 90 mile drive from here in TTTul$a!!

 spread the wealth

Is the UFC still planning an event for OKC or did they scrap this?


probably gonna be a fight night

UFC in Broken Arrow with Wiman vs. Grice as the Main Event.

should also have Mark Munoz in their after he KO's Hammil.

 I remember reading that story when it came out and was looking forward to this time and nothing. I know they'll eventually come here but I would be amazed if it happens this year. I hope I'm wrong though. Maybe they're waiting until the NBA season is over so they can use the Ford Center. Not sure if they'd need that many seats though.




Who the fuck are you?

An Oklahoma man I hope!

We dont take kindly to outsiders round here!

-OMA (tm)

I am an Oklahoma man. I live in Norman. I met you at a Jake Shields seminar you guys had at Tul$a Top Team around 2 or 3 years ago. Congrats on the marriage and your baby girl. Do you guys have any other seminars coming up?

the card will likely be headlined by junie browning v. dave kaplan II and the undercard will be full of rage in the cage fighters

 goku, you know how badly I could beat you right?

Eric, Whats up man? Thanks on the marriage and baby! Hope all is well with you.

Looks likeone of the promoters is having a GSP seminar (no joke) on the 6th

You should head down here! (fights later that night)

 Their promoter's license ends in a couple months and to my knowledge, they have not re-applied yet.

They were heavily persuing the Cox Center as the location for an Ultimate Fight Night card, but I don't know what happened with the talks.. The UFC looked at the demographic studies of the EXC shows from CBS and saw that the Oklahoma market had the highest male response per capita and said they would come here.....

Well a year later and I still want to see it..


 I might have to make a return trip

VectorWegaLives - I could see them doing a Fight Night there but a full UFC?  You crazy, they haven't even done one in Dallas yet. (albeit, I question whether that has something to do with Mark Cuban)

 speaking of Mark Cuban, as a part of the March 6th promotion here in TUL$A... Mark Cuban's HDNet will be here filming and having a live event.


ttt for Dirt Ranching Farangs not living the James Bond Lifestyle

VectorWegaLives - I could see them doing a Fight Night there but a full UFC?  You crazy, they haven't even done one in Dallas yet. (albeit, I question whether that has something to do with Mark Cuban)

I am sure that it would just be a Fight Night but that is a heck of a lot better than nothing. Especially if they were looking at the Cox Convention Center and not the Ford Center. I think OKC would show great support of a full UFC but there are probably quite a few cities higher on their list now that they promote nationally and internationally.

Vector I think I remember you from Oklahoma and Texas Athletics message boards. Was that you? Have you been following Kevin Durant's career at all?

Thanks TheeSenator that is some interesting info.

Thanks Not OMA (tm) I have not been up to much. I might have to come check out that GSP seminar especially if he is covering greasing. I keed!!! I keed!!! I bet his seminars are bad ass.