Dana was right

"We've all been through it before, but we were EIGHTEEN!"

Exactly. Is this Noah's first relationship or something? There's no reason a guy in his mid 20s should act like that over a girl. If he was 18, I'd understand.

I give Dana props for standing his ground.

TTT for Dana on this one for sure.

I agree with everything Dana said.

Some guys like that end up hurting themselves after breaking up from serious long term relationships. I could never undestand that.

Never been a fan of Dana, but he handled this situation exactly the way it needed to be handled.

The guy wants special privilages because he has a needy, self-centered girlfriend - send him packing!

I'm sure for future TUF Seasons, they will put in the "NOAH CLAUSE"

No Contact to fighters unless it is life or death situation... Dana or UFC has right to read message before it reaches the fighter...

NO Pussy Whipped Bastards allowed...

Dana should have did this fool like they do you in the MArine Corps if you drop out of boot camp. They fly you in but you take the Bus home.

If I was Dana White I would have put his silly ass on the grey hound fuck flying him home.

It pisses me off because someone else who dreams of fighting in the UFC was not picked so Noah could have a spot. Do a better job picking these guys Dana and you will not have idiots leaving over girlfriends regardless how long they have been dating.

Even 18 is a little old to be acting like that. More like 15 or 16.

lol@Ken trying to hold in his laughs when hearing about the reason.

I agree with Dana not giving him the phone call, but at the same time if there not allowed any outside contact why did he receive the letter in the first place.

Is it normal for fighters to RECEIVE mail? Wonder why they gave that letter to him in the first place.

Shit might have come to him saying Urgent or some crap like that. Who knows but unless he is in Federal custody it would be illegal for UFC to open his mail. So they would not have known the contents.

They gave him the letter for the same reason everyone thought someone in his family died. They probably thought someone in his family died they way that letter came.

Yeah, I'm thinking mom cancer, dad heart attack, grandparent stroke, sibling car accident.

Not 'my girlfriend is mad'.

I was actually too amazed to laugh, but my wife was doing enough laughing for the both of us.

Ryan G is incorrect.Id say this was Jr High stuff