dana wasn't @prefight conf. due to illness

the guy saids "Dana is deadly ill, and he didn't want to get the fighters sick."

link to vid: http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=videoPlayer.home&gid=11395

Dang. Get well soon, Dana White.

he has no budo.

Sakikibara would of shown up and sucked each of the fighters off right there on the scale.

"I'm fucking sick of the fucking pussies."

 ^^^ yikes!



 dontazmebro, Hendover and omega- please check your PM's;)


Get well soon Dana!!

Hopefully it's nothing serious. Dana White may not have come up with the idea for the UFC reality show ("I hate reality shows"), but I hope he gets better soon regardless.

Let's send Dana e-cards!

Send an E-Card to Dana White!

Get well soon, Big D!

Get well soon


[quote]ninjaboy562 - Get well soon[/quote]

Get hell soon imo

"Get hell soon imo"

Forum brother Dana White is a human being, bro! Don't say something you might regret later.

lol at regret

"Do you want to be a fucking nasal infection?"


Feel better, Dana.

Get well soon BLAF!

Is it the good aids or the bad aids? JK

Get well quickly Dana!!

LOL @ all the well wishers for Dana when he gets a cold..

He was at the weigh-ins touching fighters....