Dana White and gang to appear in Playboy

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                                Dana White and gang to appear in Playboy

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The UFC has been getting its fair share of love from Playboy Magazine of late. Following the UFC ring Girl Arianny Celeste appearing in the magazine, UFC President Dana White and five of his its fighters will appear in their January issue.

Ryan Bader, Junior dos Santos, Vitor Belfort, Stephan Bonnar, Jon Jones and Dana White are all featured in Playboy’s “Stand Tough” fashion pictorial (issue on newsstands today).  The six burly men show readers how to look as “tough as nails” while modeling looks from Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger among others.

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I love The Dana and gang as much as anyone... but no homo means no homo...

Dems some ugly bitches.

 Why did they put Jones in that horrible jacket and then pop his collar?

Who wears a leather jacket with a popped collar?

Guybrush_Starkiller6969 - How the fuck is Bader bigger than JDS?

And taller, too?

 Perspective, he's standing behind Bader and angled away from the camera.

Photography is tricky like that.

Good to see you back Tom...

 don't lie. how many of you opened this thread hoping to see Dana's peep-weasal?

Dana actually looks meaner than the 4 good fighters there and Stephan bonner too.

Stephen Bonnar is still a top 15 LHW

get the fuck outta here with your worthless fighter bashing

damn i wish this was playgirl not playboy



how is Shogun not in that pic wtf?

That's why BLAF is BLAF

What is that? An add for "what clothes not to buy in 2011?"

rofl at dana looking tough. guarantee that was a stip by him to approve it at all.

 Been there done that. Got the dick pics to prove it.

--Frank Trigg


RML - Really shocked Vitor is doing this with all the Jesus talk he does.

 His wife was is Brazillian PB. She's gorgeous.


I refer to my wedding tackle as Dana White and the Gang

There was a pretty funny video of this photo shoot going around....I think it might have been a BLAF Vlog. They were sayin they felt like jack asses lol Phone Post