Dana White banging mandy moore?

so i occasionally read wwtdd.com What Would Tyler Derden Do, and they had a thing about mandy moore getting married and there was a tidbit about there "always being rumors she had an affair with ufc president dana white" did i miss something or is this news to people here?



thanks for the link its the second story down, and for those who dont know it is essentially a tmz type site with celeb news so its not like an iron authority. but if anyplace would be aware of the rumors i figured someone would know something here...

probably not true.

SWCLacksta - probably not true.

i would ask if anyone in the know has heard anything about it, but i dont think if they did anything good would come of mentioning it if they did. all that said i agree its likely not true but was just suprised to see it even "rumored"

just giving my input man. havent heard shit. ttt for anyone with info, i guess.

check on the OG they follow these silly gossip celebrity rumors!

SWCLacksta - just giving my input man. havent heard shit. ttt for anyone with info, i guess.

as long as theres a possibility its true it gives hope to the average joe, dont kill my dreams!!!

i thought she was interested in gsp,...banging the boss,now

dana has had sex with every single front row attendee of every single ufc even since UFC 40

LilBrockonmychest - 101 posts in 4 years and now 4 in the last 20 minutes on Mandy Moore/Dana White?

And no this does not give the average Joe hope. Dana is a celeb and the president of a billion dollar company

it was 1 up until a month or so ago, my post count will grow.

Im pretty sure Dana is married ... him and Mandy are friends because shes always at the Vegas events

LilBrockonmychest - Right on...just giving you shit

yea i got shit when i had 2 posts in 4 years as well lol. lurked for a long time, posted on sherdog for awhile but its a cess pool so started posting here.

If its on the internet...it IS true!

4pdboxing - If its on the internet...it IS true!

lol no one is saying its true, i was asking if anyone else heard this.

 maybe it was a typo that shoulda read: dana white banging many whores

Mandy Moore could have her pick of multimillionaires...

Dana White??? Really???

However, judging on her fiance's looks--she may not be very particular.

She's over my house right now, and she denies the claim.

I'm pretty sure they meant he is banging Michael Moore.


There was another thread about it but I can't find it......