Dana White bans Lesnar from UFC...

"I was also surprised he passed when you see bjj black belts in the UFC stay in the guard for 3 rounds."


People are talking about Brock because he is something new and interesting, and a wild card, instead of the hundreds of Emerson paint by number guys.

As far as passing the guard, I took the initial poster to mean that any ATTEMPT to pass guard is refreshing, rather than the standard "I have reached the promised land" approach when landing in full guard after a takedown.

"why is everone all of a sudden making a big deal about Brock Lesnar?"

Nothing new. He was a big deal back before he chose to go with pro wrestling. He is a great and great big wrestler. Why not get excited?

What ISN'T exciting about Brock? He's strong, fast, intimidating and appeared fearless and composed for his first MMA fight under a big spotlight.

I agree. No one tries to pass the guard anymore.

Lesnar has a lot of potential for MMA IF he can take a shot. He was putting power in his punches from a position most people can't get power. I was impressed with this being his first MMA fight. We will know a lot more when he gets hit, but right now he's definitely got potential.

I want to see how Brock does when he gets tagged hard in the face. Until
then, I'm still really impressed with his takedown/grappling debut.

Give Brock some time, he will be great. And its not just his size, the guy is FAST! Seeing pics of him or on tv is one thing, seeing the guy in person and watching him move is insane.

Only weakness he has is standup, but if he can prove his heart and develop a good chin he can work around that.

Then again with his long arms, if he did spend some time boxing he could probably get great at standup as well.

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Guys, were can I view this fight? Anyone got a link?

much like Kimbo, lesner is only a gimmick in mma...it is possible for him to be a fairly well compensated gimmick, but a gimmick none the less


With the way this guy is training for MMA there is no reason to think he won't be a contender.

He is with a great team, has all the physical attributes, and has a great work ethic.

That's a winning combination if I've ever heard one.

See 265lb Josh Kos.


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