Dana White blasts Jeff Mayweather over the 80/20

Basically cheesed that Jeff Mayweather said UFC want a 80/20 split from Conor McGregors purse in the Floyd fight. But its not too far out of the realm of possibility to be fair

hes right, conor is the attraction here, not floyd

There's no telling what the truth is here. Dana's mouth is moving, so we almost have to conclude he's lying. Mayweather is more believable than White but there's just no way to tell for certain. We also have to consider Dana is going to try to get the biggest cut for McGregor (as UFC gets a piece of Conor's side). This is probably all nothing more than posturing for the negotiation.


No way Conor splits more than 75/25. They don't need the UFC to promote the fight, so their leverage is very little...and if they want to threaten Conor to take a shit deal or not allow him to take the fight, they are going to sour their relationship with their last big star left.