Dana White = Bob Arum this time around

If this fight could actually happen, ol Egg McBlafin and WME will do everything to ensure that it doesn't if they're not gonna make at least more than Conor does.

In case you don't get the scum arum reference, Arum was the major hurdle in making Floyd vs. Pacquiao happen.

Yeah, no.

This whole thing is a joke.

Do not compare this farce, which is nothing more than a one-sided Floyd sparring match for people to make mone, with the biggest fight in recent boxing history that got ruined by everyone and happened way too late because of it.

Also, Conor is absolutely NOTHING without the UFC.

They pushed that guy so hard and built him up so much. Of course Conor is good at what he does but he isn't what he is now without the UFC.

Nobody is in the business of preparing people to bring in shit tons of money and then letting them walk and do it on their own when they get there. Come on now.

I'm just a novice. I'll explain what that is for you dumb fucks... Google Dana whites net worth. If it don't make dollars. It don't make sense

UFC is all about control