Dana White don't care about talent

I am only saying this, AGAIN, because it becomes more and more apparent with each show he puts on. His ability to give a facade that he's "giving new fighters a chance" while really he's just cheapskating them out of lucrative contracts, is becoming more limited, less shameless, and ultimately, more hurtful to the one "BIG" show we have Stateside.

He rewards BJ for dethroning Hughes by threatening to strip his title if he chooses to fight worldwide. He rewards Lindland for defeating Baroni TWICE by offering him no contract. He gives Jeremy Horn the shaft just for being Jeremy Horn, and running roughshod through all his competition.

... yet here he is, bringing us... get this... Tim Sylvia!! New HW Champ!!! Forget that he couldn't stand with ONE Heavyweight in Pride, he's worthy of holding what ONCE was the pinnacle of UFC Success!!!

... oh wait... yeah... that thing with the roids.

I'm not sure which 99 cent store is cranking out fighters at a pace that lets Dana put his company's profitability before the success and dues of his fighters, but it's going to drive the UFC right out of business. The fact that he's got some old coot from an MMA Bulletin Board doing his matchmaking is really just another way to say "I've employed someone who's bored enough to scour the internet, cheap enough to handpick candidates, and keen enough to know what to present to me".

I haven't paid for (doesn't mean I ain't seen em... that night even...) the last two UFC's, after religiously buying them and happily supporting the company now destroying my beloved UFC for the duration of their stay in the driver's seat. I am not alone, either. Reason? I'm no longer supporting Dana White, when I can support Pride's stateside presence. And speaking of Pride... even THEY know how much of a joke the UFC is with him in charge, which is why their marketing campaign to end up here has been so fierce lately. See any UFC matches scheduled for Fujita? And hey... wasn't that Saku at the last Pride alluding to HIS RETIREMENT? I bet UFC is WAY up there on HIS list of things to do between now and then.

Frank and Lorenzo would have sold the UFC by now if it was about money. They are Vegas tycoons, the UFC is a tax writeoff to them. They could lose $2 million a show, and I can guarantee you that between the two of them, they'd laugh and joke about their bar tab ending up similiar in volume some nights. It's really just pathetic, if you ask me. They've handed the UFC over to a company that not only has failed to market it (with Fertitta dollars behind me, I could market ice cubes to fuckin Eskimos), but they've failed to provide caliber athletes when it matters the most (Pride = Fedor, UFC = Cabbage), and they continue to flush the quality of the show down the shitter with every deaf they turn towards our requests for them to pay the fighters we want to see.

The sport is not growing here. It is not thriving, and it is not advancing. Rather, while UFC stagnates and becomes "that ultimate fighting shit" to a few guys at the bar, rather than "The Premiere Mixed Martial Arts Squaring Ground" to it's devoted fans, Dana White rests easy knowing he has a job, has fighters for his next card, and came in under budget.

Is this really acceptable to you as fans? Please discuss.

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hopefully things will change, and incentives given for fighters to FINISH fights. You give guys reasons to go balls out, excitement happens (look to Pride for no other example). Excitement is NOT generated by guys who talk lots of smack and can't back shit up. That schtick gets old after their first assbeating.

And PLEASE RESOLVE THE DAMN TITLES! This is ridiculous and a embarassment.

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lol....he makes some valid points

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Terrible thread

Lindland is rumored to be fighting at UFC 49. UFC Champions have always been exclusive. It is unfair for other title contenders at 170 to have Penn fighting in other promotions.

And what is with the Sylvia-hate? I would give him an honest chance of beating ANYONE from Pride. I am convinced that no matter who he beats or how many times he wins...as long as he's with the UFC, he will not get respect. :(

And Sylvia not marketable? Have you ever seen him in person? I would guess not. The guy is a monster. If you introduce Sylvia in public as an Ultimate Fighter....people believe it without question.

I see you have a green name Ghost...if you think Sylvia sucks so much, why don't you fight him? :)

sylvia is top notch!ghost is a transparent troll!


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I'm not happy that guys like Lindland are given the short end of the stick and guys like Mir, Sims, and Baroni are invited back without hesitation.

HOWEVER...Zuffa and Dana are in a tough spot and have to do what they can for their business. They need to pay as little as they can (to keep the business above water) for the most exciting fighters they can (to build an audience). While we "hardcore" fans want the best fighters, guys like Horn and Lindland, the bulk of those going to the events and buying the PPVs want their Baronis and Tanks.

Which is not to say that excitement and skill can't and often don't go hand in hand, or to argue the "slippery slide" and say Zuffa/Dana might as well just turn it into Toughman or WWE, because they want to build the sport as a legitimate one; they just need to find some balance that allows them to do that before deciding that the money hemorrhaging is too bad and it's not worth it.

As for the Penn situation, it is important to the UFC that they keep their champions around. Look how much flak they've taken for "letting" Bustamante go (never mind that he may well have, and by many accounts was, asking for a completely unrealistic payday which even Pride has not given him). Obviously they are not going to be happy with a marquee fighter winning a title and then immediately going to fight in another promotion, one that can afford to pay MUCH more, and is now beginning their own move into MMA.

The sad fact is that MMA in the U.S. simply does not bring in, and therfore cannot afford to spend, the kind of money that K-1 and Pride are making in Japan. Top boxers, baseball players, etc, are paid a lot because they GENERATE enormous profits all around. MMA fighters, with few exceptions, do not. From a business standpoint -- which is the most important one from the perspective of a company that can't promote or build a sport if it goes bankrupt -- it makes little sense to pay a Bustamante or a Diaz what we think he's worth, because 90% of the audience will not know or care if they replace him with a guy being paid $1000 to show and $1000 to win.

As for Tim Sylvia: I have no doubt that he could hang with and have a credible chance at beating anyone in Pride. Nogueira would have a very hard time taking him down, Fedor would have trouble getting inside to do the same, and Crocop would have trouble landing the high kick on a guy 6'8", and would be in danger from those huge rights.

Ghost has some great points.You fuckimg trolls make me sick analyzing the man's record.Who the fuck youever fight.Maybe Dana will bring Andre "The Chief"Roberts then they will have some real talent.

I say that if you honestly feel that way you should
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