Dana White "Greg Jackson a SPORT KILLER"




 So funny.

Greg Jackson has turned into THE number 1 guy to bash in MMA. The Rashad thing (or even Diego before that), the jab-and-run strategies, the stall to a JD game plans, and now THIS.

 Jon Jones is a man, and makes his own decisions.

No reason to bash Greg here, Jones refused the fight.

Jones is the champion, Jones made the decision.

I am still BAFFLED at why these big fights don't have an already existing back-up plan in case of situations just like this.

I blame Dana and Co. first and foremost for not preparing for these type events ahead of time. It's not like it's a rare event to have a fighter drop out at late notice. Rather than these last minute scrambles, it should have already been agreed by both parties that in case of opponents injury, fighter X will replace said injured fighter.


I have a feeling this might become the case for some big fights.. esp Jones fights in the future.. It would either cost to have a fighter ready in the wings, or it would mean making sure you have a good same-weight fight scheduled the same card you can draw a replacement from (not as easy as it sounds).

It's never come up before in the UFC where it shut down a whole card.

Hopefully we get an option C: Make sure you have at least 3 sellable fights for a ppv just in case the main event gets borked.