Dana White hearts Keira Knightley!

In the June 2007 issue of Fight Sport magazine, Dana White is asked if he could be with any woman who would it be? Dana replied, "There's only one woman who's incredibly beautiful and that I really like. Keira Knightley." Maybe this explains Dana's recent foray into the United Kingdom!

Keira Knightley is NO Neve Campbell!

Keira is hot for sure....

Seamus619, you are right that Keira isn't Neve Campbell. I think she's cuter than Neve Campbell. However Keira said recently in an interview that she has to shower often because sh naturally has a musky smell to her. That's kind of nasty.

^you will have that

" Keira said recently in an interview that she has to shower often because she naturally has a musky smell to her."

she's a rare hairless bigfoot, i've heard they smell like that, kinda like a wet goat, not that I know what that smells like.

LOL @ Keira Knightl being hot.

Yeah, nothing says hot like a cacked out , curveless,skeletal, meth-like boy body w/ pointy hips,shoulders, and ribs in place of absolutely no T or A.

LOL Skarhead.

Lots of pedos like that look though.

I was strictly talking about Keira having a much cuter face. I do agree with you guys that she has the body of a young boy. Did any of you read that she mentioned in an interview that she wishes she could be BIG as in large sized? And that she was jealous of those people? Yeah.....right.

Anorexic. Feed her some cheeseburgers and pizza.

Since no one else wants her, I'll boxercise BLAF for her

Thinks of quick scene in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, where the woman runs buy and screams "It smells like Big Foots Dick!!!!" LOL