Dana White... I have to admit

I've never been a fan of his wanna be, poser, "I'm a bad ass" character he's played on TUF but he's been saying some pretty funny stuff this season. The "beat him off" line at the end of last weeks episode made me lol

That was so yesterday! I don't agree with some of the shit he does but I like the guy!

 In person, one of the nicest guys ever.  He was hopping over rows of seats to talk to fans.  And not the typical shit either...he was genuinely interested and talked with tons of people.  He is very down to earth too.  He said, "Man you really got the hook up...do you see who your going to be sitting next to?" lol re: Mandy Moore. 

Wife & I LOL'd at the "beat him off" comment as well.  His facial expression made it.  Classic stuff.

ttt for DW beating off.

he's a fan like most of us,nothing wrong with that

I've always liked him. If any of you read about how he and Randy left their "bad blood" behind, you'd know how funny and down to earth he can be.

Apparently someone on The UG called Dana White a d&^% sandwich or something, and Randy responed in White's defense. He then called White to make up with him. White just said, come on ever and we can some d&%$ sandwiches together.

 i really like dana...everytime i meet him he's just so nice......and very genuine too

I'd feel better about him if he dropped the drama. Don't make a big production of throwing someone out of the UFC, then let them back in next week. Don't advertise a huge falling-out with Fighter X and then re-start contract negotiations.

I understand that TUF is 'supposed' to be a 'reality' show, but I don't much care for the soap-opera feel of the UFC of late.

Just show me the fights.

I like Dana off of TUF too. He's always been cool in person especially before the show. I remember when he would just show up to local tourneys in Vegas walking around like a regular dude.

His schtick got kind of lame but he seems to be balancing out this season... that's all I'm saying.