Dana White: I thought Edgar won

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                                Dana White: I thought Edgar won

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Hah. Phone Post


 neg ghost rider

Wtf. Bendo looked like he hadn't fought yet and Edgar looked like he had a gecko eye implanted under his human eye. Edgar caught his kicks but didn't do anything impressive after catching them...Bendo almost tapped him a few times and landed better strikes...what fight were these people watching? Phone Post

Great interview. You can see it in Dana's face when he talks about Hunt that he's legitimately floored by how well he's doing and how impressed he is.

With the Frankie thing, that's a fair assessment. I had it dead-even going into the last around, too; but I came down on the side of Bendo.

Bendo took that title.

it was close but Henderson did enough

On damage, Bendo won. Frankie circled, and played his game. But Bendo keep in the center and landed more and harder strikes while keeping not falling into Frankies game.

But 'that was enough' is not a good strategy. Frankie is a great boxer but has no power. All else he could do in that fight is attempt subs to win points.

 Frankie was trying to steal the rounds by going for takedowns the last 20 to 30 seconds...  the outcome of this fight is a welcomed blow to the school of dominick cruz fighting.


I like both but fuck I hate how edgars corner lifts him on their shoulders after every decision, I hate BJ but I think he is right in saying he tries to influence the judges Phone Post

Obviously Dana is gonna think that. He was just touting Frankie ads the #2 P4P fighter in the world after his last win, so to see the supposed #2 p4p fighter get beat must have been difficult for him.

I thought Bendo was a pretty clear winner. Frankie's a great fighter but his gameplan of just hitting the opponent with light punches that do minimal damage and trying to get a takedown to get the points sort of backfired when he came against a guy that was looking to finish the fight every opportunity he got.

Ben Henderson looked pretty dominant throughout the fight and came close to finishing it a few times. Two out of three judges got it exactly how I saw it. 4 rounds to 1 for Bendo. Phone Post

I think ben dominated. Was actually afraid for a freak decision for Edgar was gonna happen. The right man won. I hate your fighting style Edgar I'm glad you lost your belt Phone Post

What?!? Are you fucking kidding me? Edgar got the shit beat out of him. Did Dana watch the same fight?

That pisses me off when Dana does this. Henderson just had the biggest win of his career by far and Dana has to shit on Ben's celebration by saying he should have lost.

What a Dick fucking move Dana. How about you congratulate your new champ and give him the praise he deserves after a five round war where he CLEARLY beat the shit out of the former champ?

God I hate when he pulls this shit. Phone Post

 Edgar out struck and out wrestled Ben.

I love Dana but Ben clearly won that fight. Stop adding fuel to the controversy Dana. It was a close fight but the right person won.

Edgar should've won a decision, or in the very least it should've been a split decision. There needs to be some more consistency. Multiple decisions tonight were just awful.... Shields and akiyama 30-27?!? Phone Post

 Edgar was beaten soundly. This is not point fighting.

I thought Ben won, but I feel bad for Frankie because - unless he goes to 145 - the UFC is going to act like he doesn't exist. How insulting was it post-fight that Joe Rogan is basically telling him, "You're going to 145, right?"


 I thought it was highly insulting to talk 145 to the guy who won the belt and had defended three times and just had a very close decision.  Just really disrespectful.  Beats BJ Penn twice, knocks out Gray.  WTF?