Dana White on JV & Elvis 92.3

Friend of mine just called me to let me know that Dana White was gonna be on JV & Elvis today, not sure if thats true or not but if you wanna listen it's 92.3 in NYC and online at:


Yeah actually I'm listening online and it seems he's gonna be on soon.


Wow good intervierw so far, I'm gonna have to download the podcast cause I had to take a friggin phone call.

Dana is saying MMA will be sanctioned in NY by 08'.

OK I am quite the douche. JV & Elvis have been suspended and have been off the air since monday, this was an old interview...what tipped me off "PPV this saturday"...I was like WTF???

Most have been recent though.

Puts on douche-badge and walks around thread

JV made a joke that had to do with oriental Americans and they got suspended. The joke was not Hurtfull and JV's wife is Oriental. Those guys are the best show on Radio By FAR !!!!!

Funny bastards and way way down with the MMA seen. The other day they were talking about what a joke Chuck Zito and Kurt Angle are and would get owned by the upper tier MMA guys.

They have Matt Serra on alot. Great Show !!!

Yes, JV and Elvis are suspended for crank calling a chinese resturant.

x choke, there is no such thing as an 'Oriental' person, FYI.

asian, imo

I am sorry bro, I did not mean to offend, I honestly put thought into trying not to pick the wrong words. Unfortunatly I am a Dummy.

You can download any of their shows using the following link.


I used to listen to them every morning when they were in SF. Now I resort to listening via the internet.