Dana White & Snoop Dogg at Moon Nightclub (vid)

Wow...He really fits in there.


Whitest dancing I've ever seen.

....and that is what 20 grand will buy you on the rap scene.

damn...guida looked more in place in his fight with gomi

Haha pretty fly for a white guy?


 Oh Jeebus lawd ha' mercy........

pretty funny, good for Dana....I would have looked the safe...only with some hair

thanks god we still have Coker and Strikeforce


snoop has always been cool, and dana is good at what he does...a decent / honest guy as far as i can tell.

i'll switch jobs with him tomorrow.

lmao good for him fuck it he is living the life and probably gets rights to brittney palmer now that arianny seems stale to him.
Play on playa

I can just imagine Dana gettin' all ebonic with his new homies.  "Yo dawg, that set was off the hizook!  You killed it out there!  Uh, word to your mother!  You filled my brain like a poisonous mushroom!"

Pretty cool. Hopefully this means they are replacing the tired out intro song for a fresh rap music theme.

Dana was doing his best Hitler impression at the beginning there..


thats tough to watch

Need a gif of blaf with his hand in the air like he just don't care at the beginning.