Dana White talks Hendo, Hopkins, Big John, etc...

Awesome as always Ariel. Been a big fan ever since you stood your ground with Arum. Keep up the great work.

Ariel Helwani - Thanks so much for all the kind words and support, everyone. Really means a lot to me.

More coming ...

 VTFU for being MMA's best at interviews.


Yeah something about his style, I watched the entire interview and he kept it moving, was not challenging and asked the questions people want to know. Thumbs up!

TTT for Dana and Ariel.

 Another stellar interview Merman.


great f'n interview. nice job

he said Cofield a goofball? I thought they were good friends

You are hands down one of the best MMA interviewers I have seen Ariel.

Keep up the good work.

Ariel is pretty good

serious question, does he get paid to do what he does?

Ariel is talented. Well done, mate.

 great interview....the stuff he said about boxing is SPOT ON.

 very cool, keep up the good work.  nice interview

Good job, Ariel.

Great interview by both. You can tell there is a mutual respect thre.