Dana White UFC 165 Pre Fight Scrum

UFC 165 pre fight scrum


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Good God that Swedish reporter...

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And did some idiot really ask Dana how to pull pussy? MMA media has a long way to go, seriously. There are some complete dipshits covering this sport.

Gross. you dirty bastard.....


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I Wild Each It - Good God that Swedish reporter...
I haven't watched vid yet, but something tells me we will need pics of said reporter. Phone Post 3.0

Lmao @ the reporter who mistook the scrum for The Love Boat.

By the sound of the voice I am guessing that broad is the same chick that always asks the dumbass questions lately?

The blond around the 19ish mark, no?

So Dana will drop 30K to a server in Vegas to "change their lives" but he does not see the sense in releasing "the dark ages" UFC events to DVD so the hardcores can see them?

The he wants to grip about thing that "are fucking illegal". Whatever man.

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Dana just said in his post fight interview with Ariel that they where going to bring in a lot of the oldschool fighters for the 20th anniversary show. Don't know if they will bring them in to the octagon to honor them but Dana said it would be a good time for hardcore, oldschool fans to be in Vegas.

Any idea what they will do to showcase/honor the old guard? I might get out to Vegas if they are gonna do it up big.


I'm amazed that the Russian sounding chick (off-camera) still gets access to these scrums as she always butts in with lame questions.

The Russian chick is annoying as shit. Every question is "when are you coming to Russia, or The Ukraine, etc". Just STFU already.