Dana white

Plz don't fine ,cut or suspend Diaz. Let them settle it in the cage at a catch weight or something. I know diaz is on another level but I'm sure Bryan would like to hit him in the mouth for saying that. But your the boss and you know what's best for the business lol Phone Post

Bryan wouldn't accept a fight with Nate, no matter how many other peoples fight bonuses they'd offer him.

Yes the 135 Carroway will fight the guy that says he can barely make 155 and wants to move back to 170 because he called him a fag on twitter lol.  

Anyways keeping in line with how things have been going i'd say he gets a fine and probable no big deal suspension.  

Any kind of cut would be an insane overreaction imo.

The real issue here I thnk was the way Nate worded it it seemed like he was calling Dana the Fag and not Carraway. While we have no idea if he was it seems more likely it was directed at Carraway.

Wtf happened to freedom of speech Phone Post 3.0

I just hate to see someone get cut or fined for calling someone a fag. Diaz said on season 5 he doesn't have anything against gay people. So I figured just let them fight and I also thought Bryan fought at 145 my bad. If I was Bryan I would fight him cuz he has everything to gain and nothing to lose Phone Post

Gilbert956 - Wtf happened to freedom of speech Phone Post 3.0

Freedom isn't free. It's a hefty fuckin' fee.