Dana White

I just wanted to let you know about one of the best 170 lbers out there!!! Keith Wisnewski.. he is only 22 years old and has over 30 pro fights already. He started fighting when he was only 15 years old. Keith and his brother Justin Wisnewski (a 155 lber) are self taught, and now have thier own school where they are generating more great fighters. Keith has won 9 out of his last 10 fights, one of his recent wins in M-1 russia, and then in Florida on a AFC card. I think Keith Wisnewski is VERY deserving of a UFC shot, and he will be willing to take on any of your 170 lbers. Here is a link to a recent interview.....

no link

ok.. here is the address....


Can someone link it for me, I am not sure how. ;)


lemme guess ShelbyGirl, your real name is Keith Wisnewski.


Keith is not Shelby's boyfriend. Just an Indiana fighter
supporting another.

Keith is looking really good -- even if he doesn't "look" like a
fighter. The best story I heard was while at M-1 Keith went to
pick-up his gloves for his fight. The glove guy wouldn't give
him the gloves because he didn't believe that Keith was a

That's the problem -- everyone wants to underestimate
Keith's skills and they end up losing because of it.

Good luck Keith -- I look forward to seing you again soon.

shelby if you post your naked pics on the tapout forum i'm sure dana will see what he can do. lol just kidding. but danas not :)

Keith is NOT my boyfriend, Jeremy Bolt is. Keith is a very good friend and we consider his school sort of sisters with our school :) (notice I said sisters)

This guy can FIGHT!!! You have to see this guy in action. Anyone have anymore pics of Keith????

I am off to the gym... you guys keep this ttt for me while I'm away ok!!!!!!

I love the UG!


You are still my favorite UG member bobsappfan!!!!


I didn't have a B/F when that picture was taken... we never REALLY kissed anyway. Look at the pic again ;)


Yes, that's them... THE POLISH CONNECTION!! Two of the nicest guys you have ever met. Keith is ready for the UFC NOW and Justin will be in about 6 or 7 months!!!


i wish i was shelbygirls boyfriend j/k. i have seen this guy fight and personally i do not think he is good enough.



I think what really dismays me is that ShelbyGirl looks better than I do.

TapOut has suited him up!!! notice the TapOut shorts!!!

Keith Wisnewski v/s Robbie Lawler or Pete Spratt


I'm pretty sure Keith is good enough to hang with anyone at that weight class. He keeps improving with every fight also. All this kid does is eat, sleep and shit fighting! He's probably somewhere in Northern Indiana running sprints barefoot on the beach right now skipping X-mas dinner.

lol... that is so true. He is going to jump in to Lake Michigan for New Years, the kid is not right :)


Classy post Shelby...

Is fighting at 15 legal?

In Indiana, you can legally fight at any age. Keith was the elementary school cafeteria fighting champion. Undefeated in over 100 cafeteria food brawls! Never mess with a polish guys lunch!