Dana White's Announcement = Brittney Palmer (pics)

The real major announcement today - "She goes to the UFC too."





and thank you.


ttt for nudes

She's gonna get fired when Arianny feels like #2.

saerbarnet - She's gonna get fired when everybody is like, Arianny who?


Omg!!! Lovin it! Phone Post

UFC just got better with Brittney Palmer. Phone Post

i would destroy her

UG Poll:

Sweet little honey pot?


Ripped open fireplace?

 do not want.

 do not want.


The biggest Dana announcement yet..



I think it's only fair that there is a PPV where they fight for to spot. the winner gets Ring Girl championship belt...and then is allowed to wear nothing else on future PPV's.


I love that "reporters" asked Dana White about Brittany right off the bat. Dana rules.