Dana White's UFC 105 Vlog: Episode 2

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                                Dana White's UFC 105 Vlog: Episode 2

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 The car at the end is famous. Bet it has been a while since Dana said "Let's get out of here before we get arrested" :-)

Boring. I prefer watching Vitor watch Tennis.

Awesome. Please keep the video blogs coming.

 That was awesome!



I liked that blog better than the first.

The first blog i thought was super boring. Hes just at a concert and then watching some people skateboard. =0

Car lifting was hilarious. It's not everyday you see a billionaire helping lift a strangers car up, lol.

And yeah, you can't expect every single blog to be incredibly entertaining and him interacting with fighters, but then no one's forcing anybody to watch these. It's titled Dana White's V blog for a reason.

 Ok, before these blogs I don't imagine I would have ever thought that I'd find millionaires playing pranks so entertaining but darn it, I do with these videos.


Hey you bald wannabe mma fighter, mr. president, you talked so much shit about Kimbo, now you're on his nuts cuz he made your sorry ass TUF show some money this season... Without Kimbo Slice, this season would've blown big balls... You talk so much shit like a bitch that didn't get her way, you diss the best fighter in history and say that your heavyweight champ will smash him? Brock's the one who dissed one of your major sponsors at your mile stone UFC 100 event... Fedor is nothing but humble and yet you still ramble your fat lips... You owe the fans a co-promotion with M-1 Global you son of a bitch... If not, go fuck yourself! On behalf of 1000's of fans....

^^^  LOL and STFU



Never saw a billionaire actually pick up a car before. Crazy stuff. :)

 That's Funny stuff! Brian Warren

Bunch of loud obnoxious rich fat cats. Too bad most of the fighters they exploited are in prisons, mental institutions and trailer parks. I don't know if thats really true but I bet it is. That guy drops a "F" bomb every 5 seconds

whoa I shut the thread down. I was just jokin man

K-Dub-"T" - 
IrishRottie - less dana please and more fighters.

This was literally the stupidest most assinine video blog ever.

Shoulda called it "Dana & Lorenzo lift a car".

Someone needs to tell Mr. White we want to see UFC related stuff - fighters, etc

If he wants to stroke his ego, have a separate blog called "Dana White antics" and a separate it from UFC video blogs


Mike Swick, Dan Hardy, and Randy Couture all have UFC video blogs. If you want to see fighters so bad, why don't you watch one of the FIGHTERS blogs instead of watching Dana White's, and then complaining? 

Or better yet, watch one of Dana's later blogs in which he does interact with the fighters at the weigh ins, like here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyM8161cu1w .

Man, some people will complain about anything.

 ^^^ But with help, you can change=)


I personally liked it a lot. It's nice watching normal guys with a shitload of cash, doing what they love to do and living life to the fullest.
These guys look genuinely happy.