Dana, You're Nuts If You Don't Think Josh Hill...

...is a talented fighter. He has great spatial awareness and is super explosive (he closes the distance seamlessly). His wrestling is fantastic and his striking defense is superb. And he tries to finish fights! I don't know why you think he doesn't. Why? Because he is not foolishly rushing his grappling? The kid fights smart and is mentally tough. I'm surprised you shat on him last night. Anyway, I'll probably be frozen within the next hour or so for this thread, as there are many Dana nuthuggers on here (I'm actually one of the biggest ones!), but someone has to stick up for the dude. Hopefully you have a change of heart and invite him to fight for you. Phone Post 3.0

he just chilled in all the dominant positions, never punched, never set up a submission. he half-heartedly looked for the choke and never set it up with any punches or made multiple attempts

he has been way off base many times but i see no problem with what he said

never said he had no talent, just that he was 1-dimensional and he wanted to hold.

Tries to finish fights? Lol Phone Post 3.0

He also said he has never lost in his life. BS, he lost his 1 and only amateur fight Phone Post 3.0

Well he didn't do a very good job of showing it if that's the case.

I disagree. Nothing against the guy because I think he does have some ability and has solid athleticism but in no way does he belong at the UFC level. Phone Post

Kostakio and Herman both voted up for telling it like it is without being dicks.

Peace out bloods

Thanks, guys. Phone Post 3.0

JStrongMMA - 

I disagree. Nothing against the guy because I think he does have some ability and has solid athleticism but in no way does he belong at the UFC level. Phone Post


Herman Munster - 

Kostakio is correct.  

Dana continues to screw up the direction of mma with his jackass persona.   UFC was built on fighters who did exactly what Hill tries to do.  

Suddenly in 2013 every fighter needs to be the complete GSP package.  TUF no longer is a place for the Josh Koscheck's, Gray Maynard's, TJ Dillishaw's (all no more evolved at comparable career points)  and Josh Hills of the world.  

It's a good thing so called UFC "legends" like Matt Hughes aren't starting their careers today, otherwise the same legendary company men like Matt Hughes would be  completely shit on by the big man on Fox, Dana himself.  

Hill fought a big, tough opponent, who could surprise more favorites before this thing is done.  Regardless of what anyone thinks, Hill fought his ass off, and the fight was not bad at all.  He had a great slam in round 1, tried hard for the RNC, survived some tough moments himself through out the fight.  He made some mistakes in going for spinning back fists, trying to make something happen.   He just needs to get more comfortable on the feet, and that will allow him to impose his game and win fights. Working with guys like Mitch Gagnon will be great for him.

Excellent points.

Herman Munster - 

I'll just further add, Michael Wooten was undefeated himself at 7-0, 6 of his wins by finish.  He is big and skilled enough to finish anyone who is "one dimensional".  Josh gave him likely his toughest fight of his career.  He may not have earned Dana's respect but he earned Michael Wooten's respect.  

Josh didn't have it easy by any means getting in the house to begin with, taking on another undefeated opponet Patrick Holohan, and dealing with the death of a close family member during that time.  I dont know if Dana was bittter because he beat Conor's boy and was hoping the Irish guy would have got in and made for better television or what.  None of that is Josh's fault.

These guys are athletes and competitors who are giving up their lifes to test themselves on this show, and quite frankly Josh deserves better than to be shit on by Dana's commenets filled with resentment and contmept directed his way.

 The sport used to be about testing yourself and your skills.  Whether you were a wrestler, kickboxer, bjjer, boxer, or a guy trying to put it all together and get better.  Some guys are short and stocky (Hill) some guys are long and lean.  Not every guy is going to be great at everything just based on their body-type alone.  

 All Hill is trying to do is get better and build off his base.  He was undefeated in his career at 9-0.  So he naturally made the move to step up his competition in the big leagues.  That's ultimately the objective of mma rather than record pad in the minors forever.  Not that Josh could even really do that anymore.   Before TUF the guy could not get fights sadly.  He used to have a great place to fight in the Score Fighting Series to be able to develop his game, until Rogers Media came along, a major Canadian media conglomerate that bought up The Score and shut down the Score Fighting Series.  Rogers media also happens to be in bed with the UFC and does not recognize MMA as a sport unless the promotion's name is the UFC.  That's an utter shame for the growth and development of the sport, especially in Canada.    

Anyways, Dana of late has been quite anti wrestler, more so than at any point that I can remember. Josh Hill sure as hell isn't the first wrestling based fighter who is trying to add and develop his wrestling and grappling base, and he definitely wont be the last.  It will be interesting to see how developing grappling/wrestling based fighters are treated in the future on TUF.

Josh needs to I guess learn to strike like Diego Sanches before he will be a favorite in the UFC, but preferably he should do what his buddy Mitch Gagnon is doing and work with Glory star Bazooka Joe Valtellini.  No matter what, next time I see him fight, I hope I see him just fight his game, and not look to get over flashy with spinning back fists because he thinks he needs to entertain Dana and go out of character to do that.  

Nice post. I used my 1 vote of the day to vote you up.

obviously you have a bias

but several times he got position and just pinned him into the fence or held position, instead of looking to advance or setting up subs

that isn't any kind of knock on his talent, just that he wasn't particularly aggressive with anything but his takedowns and pressure. thats not a matter of opinion, and please don't just suggest that i'm not knowledgeable about the sport as an angry retort

i will say Dana didn't give him much props for fighting a close fight against a larger opponent but he doesn't have to like Josh's style.
Josh got the shot on TUF, what else can he ask for? if you are going to grind guys you better win

and i guarantee he didn't throw that spinning backfist because of dana
he threw it because he knew it was super close and he almost clipped him in the second with it

I agree with this thread. Dana sounded like an idiot.

Dana was clearly being a dick about Josh Hill. His last fight was entertaining. He was pushing Michael up against the cage, but he would separate and explode with punches to help set up the take down.