Danaher ETS question

Can anyone share if Danaher’s Enter the System instructionals translate well to gi? I really enjoy his teaching style but train almost exclusively gi. I have all his Go Further Faster gi stuff and now would like to see the ETS material but curious how it translates. Any feedback is appreciated.

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It does translate.

This is hyper relevant to my interests. I love Danaher’s instruction and I train mostly in the gi.

99% of it translates to gi. The friction from the cloth may make it more difficult to get rear naked strangles but it’s all just rasslin’.

It does because the principles in many aspects are the same. Where you can individualise it is in the grips and submission combinations you use based on your gi game.

Thx for the feedback all. So with ETS for the gi in mind, is there any one of the ETS you’d recommend ti start with? Thx

Danaher would say (and has said) Back Attacks. I liked Front Headlocks and The Kimura one.