Dana's dream commentator team?

Back in December Uncle Dana said: “This has been my dream to assemble this dream team of commentating and I’ve wanted this guy for years and I’m working on it and it’s going to happen."

He couldn't have been referring to Todd Grisham, right?!?!?  I don't imagine he meant any combination of Rogan/DC/Cruz/Anik/Stann.  I wonder if he is making a play for Mauro Ranallo now that his Rizin gig is done.

Did Dana's dream team just never come to fruition or are we still waiting for that to play out?  

not grisham. someone who was supposed to become available in june or july.

Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz. So every time they disagree Ken can call him a bitch monkey and Tito can call him and old man 


I don't want to be too critical of the new guy on the job. Could just be octagon jitters. But I thought he's been a little off tonight, there's a strong element of underselling the fighters and the fights. During the Dandois fight, he referred to her as extremely one dimensional... sort of sucks the air and suspense out of the fight. Then the Freudian slip, describing Dodson (or one of the 125'ers) as having a "6 inch reach" ... obviously he meant reach advantage.

Hope he can get comfortable.

Patty and Selma Bouvier