Dana's Fight Day VLogs

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

 Anyone know or hear of a business president that dotes on fans like Dana does?

The guy is constantly assaulted with requests for pictures and autographs and is polite and humble every single time.  You can tell that he really appreciates the fans and the fighters. 

Kirik -  Anyone know or hear of a business president that dotes on fans like Dana does?
I can think of one!

cool thanks for sharing

 I love watching those behind the scenes footage.

Also, I have to say that no matter what, you know what you are getting with Dana.

I imagine that working for him would be an amazing experience.

Wow, loved listening to Joe speak with Dana right after he talked to Rashad.

 You can tell when you talk to him that he truelly loves this sport and all the people involved with it. 

TTT for Dana White

It's truly

Love the vlogs glad he made the one of the fight 40 mins long, hopefully he keeps them this length.

Great Vids. Def. a cool ass motherfucker

^^^ I always liked him even when he was bashed by tito and the haters came, I had a feeling he was a cool mofo and it shows in his looseness with everyone he comes across. At one time he is all business, and all class. kudos

btw... i am a non gamer and bought an xbox 360, SO i could play Undisputed. The UFC and all its fighters and Dana rock!!

Dana is the man.

I was introduced to Dana White on two occassions and both times he was cool as hell..

good stuff.

damn, who are those blondes?? she wore a very low cut front there. i bet dana gets these 2 some types all the time.

what was BJ yelling after the Machida fight?

Dana is the definition of an extrovert.

Best vids around. I have such pleasure watching them. Anyone who claims Dana is a prick is a douche, the man is outstanding and does obviously is best. He has heart!
Yea and lol@ "stinky bastard"

 ttt for later.