Dana's post fight interview with Ariel

he didn't give Miller the first round because he laid on him for 2 mins and didn't do any damage? sounds like Dana doesn't know how mma judging works

Only watched the first minute as I wouldn't have been able to stomach anymore.   What a dispicable POS that guy is.

Dana is 100% correct

Don't be jelly

Noway Bisping won the first.

Don't agree. Bisping lost that first round. The people say it, Bisping was disappointed in it, and fight metrics confirms it. Dana is 100% wrong on that one... Personal opinion means nothing when you actually have the fight stats that show just the opposite.

Now the other 2 rounds....yeah. Pretty bad.

 Looks like we get one more UFC on Spike

Miller=non UFC...Bisping=UFC.....Who is Dana going to side with?