Dancehall Reggae - The Classics

Blaze a J and Enjoy

well done.

Vanderlei - well done.

Thank you, sir. I'm glad I was able to bring a lurker out of hiding ;)

PrisonMattressPuncher - 

I came on here to post Barrington Levy's Here I come, but saw it was already on here :)

That's a great fuckin song.  Nothing better than some good dancehall.

For later Phone Post

Subbed Phone Post

Shelly Thunder "KUFF"!

dennis5 - Shelly Thunder "KUFF"!


For further research.


Junior Reid - One Blood

Dolly My Baby ft. Biggie 

TTT Phone Post

lil Vicious - Freaks

Angie Angel- Agony Phone Post

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Great stuff, voted up.

Sean Paul - Infiltrate

General Degree - Traffic Blocking