Are dands a good exercise? are they different from dive bomber pushups off of scrapper's site?

Unfortunately, Dands contain NO magical properties even though The Great Gamma did 6 billion of them every day (on top of drinking 5 gallons of milk and checking his poop for proper consistency).

Re-read the Divebomber page on my site. I explain where the Dand/Hindu Pushup ends and the Divebomber continues. Basically, the Dand is half the Divebomber. I use Dands, Lazy Dogs, and Divebombers to really punish the people in my classes. ;)


Thanks... I've had great gains with workout #1 off your site, I'll check in on the divebombers.

I was watching GI Jane the other day on tbs, and it was cool seeing the SEALS doing divebombers while still in the ocean.