Dangers of the Wooden Knife

Thanks Tony, nice comments, great story.


Hello All!

I have recently been reading posts here and I am seeing that certain posters are taking the candor and excitement that the PDR Team has for Mr. Blauer's methods and they try to interpret/criticize them without first EXPERIENCING them....they are looking at the material with "expert's eyes" or the proverbial full cup.

They also try to show how much they know by pointing out what they believe to be flaws in TCMS, the PDR team, and Mr. Blauer by using pseudo-intellectual "curve ball" attacks on third hand information, again without actually knowing Tony personally and without real experience (actual use) of his methods.

They don't understand the magnitude and depth of ripping off Mr. Blauer has been subjected to. They don't know Tony and why he expects professional business practices from those associated and representing him and TCMS.

I also see the natural teacher in Tony trying to, show them their errors and misunderstandings, and guide them to a better comprehension of TCMS, the PDR team, and himself; using mature, intelligent and courteous bluntness. But like my mother in Puerto Rico likes to say it's like cutting with a wooden knife. Thus this drains a lot of energy from Tony that can probably best be used elsewhere so the PDR team adds their input and help trying to find other answers which might help the posters.

What I am seeing is that these post initiators' fear that there might be some self defense technology they can't grasp, understand or explain with their own level of "expertise" makes them deaf to the wake-up call Mr. Blauer and TCMS/PDR team are trying to give them.

Mr. Blauer has made his best efforts but he cannot control the results. It's up to those individuals to see the light.

Train hard, stay safe!


Tony Torres
Va. Beach, VA