Danhausen is the best modern gimmick

What is your favorite gimmick of today or all time? I’m a big fan of his tooth jar spot and his YouTube channel.

I am a fanhausen of Danhausen! He’s a decent wrestler but he nailed a gimmick. He works it hard through social media and is a complete Gene Simmons (KISS) like money whore. Married a top burlesque dancer with a leather/bondage like look.

Very nice, very evil.

Here he is talking about how he based some of his character on Conan with Conan:


Danhausen’s wife Ms. Lou Lou and Danhausen with some gimmick dude

He’s hilarious, and it just fits him. Watching his old matches you can see how out of place he looks without face paint. Orange Cassidy is awesome, but he doesn’t say anything really.

I mentioned here recently that OC and Danhausen are great but that Danhausen likely requires a lot more time to maintain. If OC did more it wouldn’t be him.

Danhausen loves human monies so he slaps his face on anything, and he should.

Some gimmick dude? SOME GIMMICK DUDE!?!?!?

Danhausen is on the latest “Talk is Jericho”.

Very good. Very evil.