Daniel Bryan signed to AEW?

I’d definitely rather have him that a few people on the AEW roster but I also kind of don’t AEW to sign him. Punk is a much bigger get at this point

Maybe they’ll get both

If they make an offer, they should really
lowball him. He’s devalued and doesn’t have many options. Tony is probably too big of a fan to do that though

this killed their site for a bit tonight

Awesome if true.

The return of the American Dragon! Arguably a bigger signing than Punk would be, but still hope they get both.

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It would make sense AEW don’t need to match his WWE deal pay him well and let him work with other promotions like he wants.

Punk probably wants creative control or at least wants to choose who he works with and how often so maybe a bit harder to work out.

Could you imagine if they somehow were able to pull of Bryan Danielson vs CM Punk for Revolution in November?
Then if they did a long(-ish) term build properly, Hangman vs Omega on the same show?


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Tim And Eric Reaction GIF

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Wrestling is fun again. AEW gives me that nostalgic feel when I was a teen watching WCW and ECW.


Id actually watch if bryan danielson was signed

Looks like you’ll be watching then, seems like Punk is a done deal too

No offense but how do you get that feeling? I have tried to watch aew and it just feels so anime and Star Wars geeky with vanilla midgets doing choreographed moves with zero mic skills. Ecw felt real and most of the guys came off as legit badasses that you wouldn’t wanna fuck with.


I lol’d. I don’t know right now. Maybe it’s acid reflux but I’m just feeling it

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Compared to the big guys in WWE who can barely wrestle or cut a promo after 10+ years in the business, I’d say the guys and gals in AEW are doing just fine for themselves.

I like that they are buying smaller dudes. I always like that LU also had smaller dudes. Makes the monster stand out more. I wonder what lil Mister T is doing

I just can’t get into any of today’s wrestling. It’s just too cookie cutter and the wrestling is just spot fests that look overly choreographed. I don’t mean to shit on aew because wwe is just as bad if not worse. Are there any other promotions that have an edge to it? I am familiar with MLW which is a bit edgier but nothing amazing

Probably never happen but I’d rather see the Miz in AEW

Him and MJF would be money

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